Culinary experiences

a restaurant with a menu made with love

and champagne!

We are serious about good dining experiences. Our restaurant is spread across several smaller rooms which gives one the sensation that they are sitting in one of several chambre séparée. Our tasting menu is well balanced and our wine cellar is full of high quality vintage bottles. But most importantly, at our restaurant champagne is firmly in focus. Champagne lunches, champagne brunches, champagne tastings… When is it not a good time to drink champagne? Therefore, we compose all our dishes so that they can be enjoyed in combination with champagne.

Champagne brunch - A golden start to the day

party and dinner packages

Company parties, family dinners and weddings. Whatever the occasion, here at Ulfsunda we have the party or dinner package for you. Have you got any specific requests? Get in touch and we will help you to plan the perfect evening.

Culinary experiences to

compliment the weekend

Specials at Ulfsunda slott


Enjoy our wildly popular brunch at Ulfsunda Slott with steaming coffee and freshly baked bread!

Champagne dinner

Bring friends or your sweetheart and enjoy a three course dinner with champagne for each course for an sparkling evening.

Tasting menu

Enjoy a six-course dinner in the company of good friends or maybe your sweetheart at the castle with a lovely tasting dinner.