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Ulfsunda slott – a finely polished diamond

Over 400 years the beautiful Ulfsunda Castle has housed counts and barons, royals, generals, ironmasters, businessmen, servicemen and many important guests from near and far. It has simmered with life, song, dancing and good food. At Ulfsunda Castle no day is ordinary. To sleep, eat and meet here is to step away from the daily grind, and into an inspiring setting far removed from the every day. The castle is a bit like a diamond: authentic, well-polished, timeless, beautiful and glistening. With a passion for design, good food, beautiful things and not least champagne, we will give you lasting memories whether you are here for the weekend or just for a short meeting.

Welcome to Ulfsunda Castle – an experience far from the every day.

The castle's history - from 17th century to the present day

Quick facts

54 uniquely designed rooms
10 meeting rooms for up to 100 people
Banquet hall for 100 people
Wine cellar
Free parking
2 km to Bromma Airport
7 km to Stockholm City


art exhibitions Ulfsunda slott

An important part of creating an inspiring and unique environment at Ulfsunda Slott is our art exhibitions.

Contact us for more information about our comming exhibitions:


+46 8 704 49 40

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